logo smallПиво фест е фестивал што се одржува во летниот период во градот Прилеп во организација на општината Прилеп и стопанските субјекти од градот. Фестивалот е од отворен тип и се одржува во центарот на градот.

Учество земаат познати производители на пиво и локални угостители.

Посетители доаѓаат од сите краишта на Република Македонија и соседните земји. Познат е по добрата забава, скара, ладното пиво и секако по масовната посетеност.

Фестивалот со својата единаесетгодишна традиција, има едно од најважните места на туристичката карта на Прилеп .  

Beer­fest Cos­times


Inter­est­ing Facts about Beer

  • A Beer Wave of 388,000 Gal­lons (or 1.4m L) flooded Lon­don in 1814 after a huge vat rup­tured.
  • George Wash­ing­ton had his own brew­house on the grounds of Mount Ver­non.
  • Egypt­ian Pyra­mid work­ers were paid with beer: 1 gal­lon (4L) per day.
  • The old­est known recipe for BEER is over 4,000 years old, made by Sume­ri­ans.
  • In the Mid­dle Ages BEER was con­sumed more than water as the alco­hol made it safer.
  • Beer is claimed to help pre­vent car­diac dis­ease and cog­ni­tive decline.
  • Cenosil­l­i­ca­pho­bia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
  • The world’s longest hang­over lasted 4 weeks after a Scots­man con­sumed 60 pints of beer.
  • The strongest beer in the world has a 67.5% alco­hol con­tent.
  • Ams­ter­dam pays alco­holics in beer to clean streets: 5 cans of beer for a day’s work, plus €10 and tobacco.
  • Beer was not con­sid­ered an alco­holic bev­er­age in Rus­sia until 2013.
  • Until the 1970s in Bel­gium, table beer was served in schools refec­to­ries.
  • At the Wife Car­ry­ing World Cham­pi­onships in Fin­land, first prize is the wife’s weight in beer.
  • There’s a beer brewed from bananas in Africa.
  • The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew tem­ple in Thai­land was con­structed with 1 mil­lion bot­tles of Heineken and a local beer.
  • More Guin­ness beer is drunk in Nige­ria than Ire­land.
  • In the Land of the Pharaohs of Egypt, beer was the national cur­rency.
  • In Argentina, polit­i­cal par­ties have their own brands of beer.
  • Norway’s first air­craft hijack­ing was resolved after the hijacker sur­ren­dered his weapon in exchange for more beer.